Thursday, October 1, 2009

UN says it has concerns about social disparites between maori and non-maori

The UN has reviewed this countrys human rights record and the verdict?

"The UN's Human Rights Council has told the Government it has concerns about social disparities between Maori and non-Maori, high rates of Maori imprisonment and New Zealand's commitment to indigenous rights."

"Justice Minister Simon Power told the council the Government acknowledged there were challenges to meet and disparities persisted for Maori in education, health, employment, crime statistics and income.

Mr Power said the Government was seeking to remedy these inequalities, even in the face of global economic problems and the recession."

Can inequity be remedied by money? - is that all that needs to happen? - just throw some dollars at it or is it actually a deeper problem that will need a mindset change.

"The council said today Mr Power had given "a clear statement" of the Government's commitment to respecting and strengthening human rights.

The challenge now was for the Government "to reflect these commitments in legislation and policy initiatives and financial decisions", it said."

Yes how about actually working with the maori party in a constructive way for the betterment of maori and all people living here. Enough hollow words, power, it is time for action - even the UN says so.

As Moana Jackson says,

"New Zealand did not come through the review process well."

"He told Waatea News the UN agency had echoed criticisms of the Foreshore and Seabed ACT previously expressed by a UN committee on the elimination of racial discrimination. "

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