Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Delight over at roarprawn

BB is delighted that Tahu Potiki is the Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu representative for Ōtākou.


Anonymous said...

funny old world - BB says she wants to bust corruption yet she welcomes a failed CEO who took a huge salary, two payouts and then a role as a contractor with NTHC - and for what?

and then how did he get to be the Rep? as Chair of his runanga he called for nominations to the Appointment Committee - there was enough to go to a vote, but not enough of the "right kind of people" so he re-opened the process - good old Edward (father in law) and a couple of others put their name forward

it is Otakou's shame but we will all pay the price once again - Tahu is not going to vote to stop the rorts - he wants to have TRONT send the money to the PR and once again we won't see who is getting the payments - just when we clean up one mess another is on its way

Anonymous said...

Edward would not think of standing down from the selection committee when he knew his so-in-law put his hand- clear conflict of interest. And Janine Karetai, cousin of Tahu. Tahu appointed her as the Chair of the selection committee

Anonymous said...

BB is from Awarua. O'Regan the Upoku there and Maria the Tront Pera have been major players in trying to oust Mark- see Richards blog for the history. The aim of these muppets is to take over the tribal assets at the expence of 45,000 beneficiaries. Maoridom are laughing at NT.

Anonymous said...

Democracy was prudently undertaken in Tahu's appointment.

The election komiti was selected by a democratic vote then those successful ran the process and called for Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu representative & Alternate nominations.

The question is would (Otakou's) process withstand external scrutiny?

This leads me to my final comment Why didn't anonymous apply for a Tront Representative position? when it appears that anonymous understands Otakou's internal mechanisms.


Anonymous said...

democracy was prudently or selectively undertaken??? - if it smells rotten and it looks rotten it is probably rotten - if Tahu could not get there without
edward and his cousin being slipped into the line up at the last minute how will we ever know - and maybe anonymous did have a go at being the Otakou rep - maybe like others he or she was told - or could just tell - it was a waste of time - with Tahu pulling the strings the outcome was pre-determined

Anonymous said...

You avoided the question Anonymous!

The question was would (Otakou's) process withstand external scrutiny?

Let's get real the Whanau selected the appointments komiti and after they completed their fiduciary duty and informed Whanau of the result they get criticized IS THAT DEMOCRACY or sour grapes!

I'd say Sour

Anonymous said...

I am not in a position to know what is true or not about whether the election process was "massaged" by the successful candidate or not.

I just observe with sadness that once again one of the people who have historically been associated with disloyal and subversive behaviour which has damaged the Ngai Tahu credibility in the media and community will be where such behaviour can cause more damage.

Lets hope there has been a mind shift towards working for the good of the iwi, and not the narrow agenda of the few - won't be holding my breath though!

Anonymous said...

did not intend to avoid the question

i thought the facts, if as reported, speak for themselves. i think anytime a person seeking a position intervenes in the process for his or her own benefite then the appearance of bias will always taint the outcome.

there is no fiduciary duty here for the appointment committee - how we like to look for legal things - the question is that if Tahu was the best person for the job he should have got there with clean hands and without the need for the appearance of bias - this is about the reputation of Tahu and Otakou and Edward etc

if that had happened then there would be no need to say more - except for the other issues that have been raised about the motives of some of those seeking appointments