Friday, October 23, 2009

dargy museum fixes mistakes but lets turn it into a celebration

This is a win!

The various posts are here on reading the maps

1. Inital post
2. second post asking for response
3. third post a response and an email back. Maps has written a full reply to their email - well worth a gander.

The dargaville museum has been caught out giving bogus information that was incorrect and hurtful. After this was pointed out to them and after due consideration they have realised their mistakes and are fixing it.

This is a reasonable response. It is good to admit when we make mistakes. I congratulate you dargaville museum - you have taken a good first step - now how can we turn this into a win for you and all of us.

How about instead of trying to pretend it never happened why not embrace the event and what it means.

Make the true dedication of the pou an event. Work with local maori and involve the community. Turn the discovery of this incorrect information and the subsequent correcting as the positive event it is. have a celebration! If you did you would be amazed by the response. You will be heroes and your museum would take it's place as an example of how to right wrongs, how to accept blame and fix mistakes. that would set you up as an even more iconic museum.

Don't hide from this embrace it.

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