Saturday, October 10, 2009

Peace prize for Obama - a gift for the fundamentalist right wing nuts

Poor Obama - he is either the antichrist or they are trying to set him up as the antichrist.

I think the right wingers have got to the nobel committee and they have got the peace prize sorted for him.

For those fundamentalist right wing nutcases this will be devestating evidence that all of their worse nightmares are true and that we are in the 'end times' and that obama is the antichrist and that the shit is about to hit the fan bigtime.

Watch the reaction - it will be brutal.


feddabonn said...

i don't really see why obama's got the peace prize...its not as if he's stopped any war! maybe he gets it because he's and american president who hasn't started any wars yet, lol.

Marty Mars said...

True feddabonn

I can't see any reason for him to get it. It is just a big joke but no-ones laughing.