Friday, October 9, 2009

TVNZ = despicable

I cannot get my head around this. I hope they find the little girl soon.

"Television New Zealand introduced Sensing Murder medium Deb Webber to the family of Aisling Symes just two days after the little girl had gone missing."


"Asked what the public news organisation was doing introducing a TV medium to the family two days after they had lost a child, TVNZ spokeswoman Andi Brotherston said:

"You know what they are doing? They are being human. They have a family out there that are desperate to find their child."

"We are just being human by ringing a family friend and asking if they want the medium's contact details. After the family friend said they would be interested in talking to her all we did was facilitate the exchange of contact details."

Preying on fears and the total terror of losing a child is utterly despicable.

Footnote - if you want to complain go here
Thanks richard hurst - kiwiblog comments

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Boganette said...

I totally agree. And thanks for the link on where to complain.