Monday, October 19, 2009

'prospecting and exploration' underway in protected areas - Greens reveal

We don't want things to get to this

It was too much to expect that they would play fair but luckily we have the greens to get the truth out.

"The party obtained information showing there were 21 current mineral permits for prospecting and exploration in 42 areas protected from mining by Schedule Four of the Crown Minerals Act.

Eleven permits were issued by the National-led Government; the other ten dated back as far as 2006 and were granted by the previous Labour-led Government. "

well well there we go. They are already in our protected areas doing 'prospecting and exploration' and both labour and national have let them in. How deep does this rabbit hole go I wonder.

"Green co-leader Metiria Turei said she was dismayed by the extent of search activity already under way.

Mining was not allowed on Schedule Four land but permits could be granted for "minimum impact" exploration and prospecting activity.

Mrs Turei suggested the permits showed areas the government might allow mining in."

Yes it is all becoming clearer and clearer. This is great work by the greens - thank you - keep it up. Think on this – get the maori party and maori involved too.

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