Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rugby World Cup - it is about money not sport

We go all ga ga for big sporting events. Like the Olympics for instance. We look at the 'good' and don't consider whether the 'bad' may outweigh the 'good'.

The 2010 Winter Olympics are in vancover. There are many who resist this event. Not just for the damage it causes to the environment, the less well off, indigenous rights but also for the corporate greed, advertising and marketing. I mean, you don't really think the olympics are about sport and fairplay do you? They are about making money. First second and third. Everything else is well behind that.

So what about the Rugby World Cup - how does that stack up? Go through the video and just think about our country and what has already happened. For instance, they extended the runway at Auckland by digging up the graves of maori. Is this not an abuse of indigenous rights. We have had the debarcle over the TV rights - is that not an example of inherent racism? What envionmental damage is going to be done? Is there going to be any damage to the environment when they build the waterfront screens and party area? Does extending stadiums cost anything environmentally? Or do we just not really care.

Think about our big sporting event and think about the reasons for it. If you think it is about rugby - you are wrong. It is just one big excuse to try to make money.

Hat tip - Ana at Whenua Fenua Enua Vanua

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