Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ngai Tahu debate update

The debate is hotting up here

Richard Parata has posted here and some more information here.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Kia ora Marty

I am sure Richard means well. I think that it is a real shame we are publishing this stuff on the internet and wonder how we can do this better.

We deserve answers. Just who has had their trotters in the trough and who authorised it? Do we have the proper checks and balances in place to expose what seems to be corruption.

If it is true that Tahu gerry mandered the Otakou elections by using his position as Chair to get his father in law onto the appointment committee then what is our recourse?

Maybe we should be calling for all these boils to be lanced at once rather than this drip feed and innuendo.

If Tahu and Wally et al have nothing to hide then they should agree to allowing us all to know got paid what and who authorised it.

Perhaps after skulking around earlier this year when the Jon Stokes strategy was exposed as
the orchestrated scam that it was they will appear before the iwi at the hui-a-tau and answer our questions

Anonymous said...

Until Mark Solomon, Donald Couch, Anake Goodall, Linda Constable and those who hold/held extreme positions of responsibility front up with the answers to the real story about why Wally Stone was sacked and the iwi, the community and the media have a right to know, then corruption within the higher levels will not abate but will continue and get worse.

Tahu Potiki, Wally Stone, Nuk Korako, and others are coming to take over the tribe by sitting at the very table that was put into place to protect the assets of the tribal members.

All have benefited financially while Wally held the purse strings to Holding Corp's kete and they now want nothing more than pure power, and it's probably payback time.

I believe there is also a master strategist behind all of this.

Sounds like a horror novel, it is.

On Wednesday it was common knowledge throughout the Ngai Tahu Corporate HQ that Wally Stone was in at Rapaki and suprise surprise his good mate Nuk is the Chair of the appointments committee. No one would have a chance. They said smooth subtle bullying was the name of the game to stay out of the game to move Wally through.

It would be interesting to know if Donald Couch stood for the election of Delegate at Rapaki and how many others or did they realise they didn't have a sh show to get a fair go.

If Donald is gone from Rapaki it will be very interesting as to who becomes the next Dep Kaiwhakahaere.

Call for these boils to be lanced? how? when? they will continue to fester until the current leadership takes a stand.

Mark must be feeling decidedly shakey. Anake should be too. The conquerors will take no prisoners.

Anonymous said...

Kia ora anon

It is disturbing to hear such tales. I have heard that the theory is that Nuk then gets himself on as Rep for Tuahiwi. I guess the good thing is that the Office budget is harder to hide things in than was NTHC where the scale of pay offs etc is said to have been something to behold.

It is sad to think we are better off in the hands of non NT than our own.

I agree with you that it is only if Mark, Donald, Anake etc tell it as it is then we will find out all this stuff. We need to put pressure on Reps like Matapura etc to step up as well.

While they vote to keep stuff secret then we don't learn the truth - time to start writing to TR and to your own runanga Rep