Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Re-Sisters - worldwide group of women against mining

A great series of video from Friends of the Earth

this one is just a taste of the testamony from these brave women.

Re-Sisters - voices of women against mining - go check out their you-tube group - there are video from everywhere - not here yet though.

These indigenous people have not yet been cut from their land and communities like many maori. They still live in and around their sacred forests and rivers. Who lives in our sacred forests. No one and why is that? Because the powers that be want to keep everything nice for them so they put the nice land that was stolen, into trust for all people.
And what do they do then? Mine it for money? Who wins there? International moneymen.
Give it back to who it was stolen from? Who wins then? EVERYONE.

Hat tip - Intercontinental Cry

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