Wednesday, October 7, 2009

community spirit in adversity

A few wee things that have caught my eye.

First my heart goes out to the parents looking for their lost little girl in Henderson. It is every parents nightmare and with my son turning 2 in a day or so I know just how fast the wee ones can move. I hope for a happy outcome and that no foul play was involved.

The searching by volunteers for the wee girl, and the community spirit that that shows is an example of the way it could be, all the time. And that community spirit was shown after the big snow too. 600 people trapped and they were all looked after by marae and community groups. The local 4 wheel drive club members went out and bought the people back in their trucks. They didn't ask for money they did it because they cared.

In Samoa the shock is wearing off and the reality is setting in. How can someone lose 14 members of their family and go on. After the initial action drops is often the most dangerous time. Yes aid is coming in and people are being fed and I thank everyone from key on down for the support they have given, but now the healing has to begin. And the diseases and pollution must be given healing energy. The fragile state of the people, many of who will have post traumatic stress disorder and really be questioning themselves with guilt and why must be addressed. It is not enough to just support the infrastructure the people are the most important thing.

Did you hear anything more absurd than the line Samoa and American Samoa. Colonisation is still here and it is disgusting.

I caught the end of nightline last night and watched Ali Ikram's pisstake on likely maori TV rugby commentary coverage. Can't find a copy of it online but I'll keep looking because it was a good example of a shocking attitude - all wrapped up in apparent humour. Hey Ali - you should be more respectful of maori after all you are living here, aren't you?

Footnote - here it is

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