Sunday, October 4, 2009

Art event from Tame Iti

There are a lot of unanswered questions around the "terror raid" of just about 2 years ago. I agree the raid with the fully kitted out black clad and visored authorities caused terror, but i am not convinced it had anything to do with "terrorism".

Recently supression orders have been issued - when it all comes out there will be many questions that the authorities will have to answer.

In the meantime an art event that I wish i could attend.

"Tuhoe activist Tame Iti will next week launch a Wellington art event inspired by the police raids in October 2007.

The week-long event will showcase work by dozens of New Zealand artists, and will include workshops , films and artist talks, spokeswoman and artist Robyn Kenealy said.

The exhibition would close with an auction on October 17, officiated by veteran political activist John Minto and former Greens MP Nandor Tanzcos.""

"Proceeds from work sold during the exhibition would go to court costs of those arrested during alleged "anti-terror raids" on October 15, 2007, most of whom were still facing trial.

Public outcry followed the police raids at Ruatoki in the Eastern Bay of Plenty. Similar raids were carried out in Whakatane, Palmerston North, Auckland and Wellington.

Police arrested 18 people, including Iti, initially intending to charge some of them using the Terrorism Suppression Act.

However, police amended the charges to ones relating to firearms and drugs, after the Solicitor-General ruled against the newly introduced counter-terrorism laws."

Lots of questions...

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