Thursday, October 8, 2009

racist TV3 skit

I talked about this here.

I watched the skit and it was as bad as anything I have ever seen on TV.

"Maori TV has accused its rival TV3 of racism after it broadcast an item lampooning what its coverage of the Rugby World Cup would look like.

The TV3 Nightline parody showed an All Black diving for the winning try in the final, with the broadcast interrupted by a public service announcement, saying: "Pakeha. It's time to talk. There's a few things we need to sort out and you won't get to see the rest of the game until we have."

The reporter for Tuesday night's item was Ali Ikram, who is well-known for his satirical streak.

But Maori TV spokeswoman Sonya Haggie said it was "basically racist" and it would be laying a complaint with the Broadcasting Standards Authority. The item also showed a match referee calling on the video referee, which turned out to be the Waitangi Tribunal, with Ikram warning "this could take a while". There was also a "compulsory haka" for which the French did the can-can.

Ikram ridiculed Maori TV presenter Julian Wilcox, saying he presented virtually every show on the channel.

"It is not acceptable. It is not news and hardly entertainment," said Ms Haggie.

TV3 received a number of complaints, including from its own staff, including Campbell Live reporter Mihingarangi Forbes who told the Herald it was disappointing and embarrassing.

"Given that it was supposed to be satire I didn't find anything funny about it at all," she said. "I think Ali [Ikram] would have hoped it was funny and clever but unfortunately for him and everyone else it was not."

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