Wednesday, October 14, 2009

key makes a decision and it's a good one

Well I have to say thanks john key for making a decision. Now that Maori TV have avoided the shaft and have the lead role in this, I think everyone (except coleman, mccully, english and ellis) will breathe a sign of relief. Pita Sharples will that's for sure.

"The Government has pulled out of funding a counter-offer by TVNZ and TV3 to scupper Maori Television's bid for the free-to-air broadcasting rights for the Rugby World Cup.

In the latest twist to the saga, Prime Minister John Key confirmed this afternoon that the Government would no longer be backing a separate bid by the two rival broadcasters for the rights to 16 live free-to-air games.

"Our preferred option would be to have one bid on the table, led by MTS, with TV1 and TV3 playing a role," Key said.

The result is a win for the Maori Party and represents an embarrassing back-down by the Government just a day after revelations it was backing a counter-bid.

"It has not been a good process on our side, but you learn from the experience," Key said."

"Dr Sharples said today's development was a win for his party and Mr Key admitted that his ministers' handling was not the best."

Nice to see key saying sorry to sharples for a change. And coleman must be spewing to be smashed by key in front of the whole country.
I'm still not convinced it's a good idea, especially when i read that
  CTU economist Bill Rosenberg says the latest wage and salary data show while the average wage rose 1.8 percent over the past year from $447 to $455, the average wage for Maori workers fell 1.5 percent.

He says the average hourly rate went up 2.7 percent to $22.96, but Maori average pay only went up 1.7 percent to $16.96.

That is really what we all should be working on and putting energy into fixing.

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