Thursday, October 29, 2009

maori and greens the future

They will take your DNA

The maori party are saying that young maori men - who for some reason are over represented in the police statistics will resist this move. The move to take DNA, without consent or a judge saying it is okay.
"From 2011, the police will be allowed to take DNA samples from anyone they intend charging with an imprisonable offence.

Consent will not be needed, and samples will be able to be taken without judicial approval."
Resist this move - got that fucken right!!!!!

Why resist it?
"Britain had the world's largest database; it held the DNA of 75 per cent of young black men compared with 22 per cent of white men, Ms Katene said."

The same will happen here. Maori will be on their database while the big crims - the ones who rip off millions, like the banks and energy companies - will just happiliy truck along.

How about DNA-ing all white collar crims. All the rip off artists - instead of targetting petty crims.

Too hard and doesn't fit within the pre-concieved ideas of who crims are - does it?
"the bill was passed into law on a vote of 108 to 13, with the Greens and Maori Party opposing."
The future is maori and greens.

Good information at Tumeke

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