Thursday, October 1, 2009

get ready alan i'm sending the inspection team around

How bad is it?

The Minister of Agriculture david carter rang alan crafar to let him know that MAF were going to investigate him and his so called farms. That's right the minister rang the person his ministry was about to investigate to let him know that he was going to be investigated. How can this be? Is it really the role of the minister to ring dirty farmers, farmers that may have broken the law, to give them a friendly heads up. To me it shows how deep the tentacles of the dairy industry reach.

And what about this.

Dehorning is very painful for the calves let alone of 2 year old animals - that is why legally you must have a vet present.

"Maf investigations manager Greg Reid told the Waikato Times yesterday that the ministry had investigated a complaint of farm workers on the Collins Rd farm de-horning 150 two-year-old in-calf heifers without anaesthetic.

The investigation found medication had been prescribed by a vet who was not present.

Farmers found guilty of de-horning cattle over nine months old can face a fine and prison.

Mr Reid, who would not name the vet, said no offence had been committed because the farm workers had consulted a vet, as per animal welfare rules.

However, Maf would be asking the New Zealand Veterinary Association whether it was comfortable with the situation.

"Is it strictly in accordance with the code? Probably not," Mr Reid said.

"We would prefer the vet to be present," Mr Reid said. "

MAF are a useless bunch of wankers. What the hell is your job MAF? Looking after the lifestock or looking after your dirty farming mates? Resign carter you are a useless minister.

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