Saturday, October 10, 2009

Request for funding for PWDs in Afghanistan? Is it a phish or true?

Is this fake or true? In my inbox.

"Request for funding for PWDs in Afghanistan?"

One of the sad things about wanting to help other people is that there are often other people in the way. And when we also add in the cheats and liars - well it's hard to know who is real and who is false and therefore if i can't tell the truth from the false - I'd better just do nothing. Better safe than sorry. And real organisations are lost in the murk of the fakes. And i think that is sad.

So this is how I try to tell the difference

"Dear Sir/Madam:

Got to have a name here otherwise it seems like a phish

I am sending this email form Development and Ability Organization (DAO)which was formerly Afghan Disabled Union (ADU) working for persons with disabilities in Afghanistan since 2004.

This seems true so what happens when we google them - a surprise!

Maybe this isn't a phish

DAO's activities are as follows:

1- Advocacy and rights awareness training for PWDs.
2. Leadership and Management training workshops for PWDs.
3.Employment support for PWDs.
4. Afghan Youth Campaign against landmines.

What is a PWD? I think it stands for Person With Disability

In future if fund is available DAO is very much keen to start Vocational trainings such is Computer trainings for male and female,Mobile repairing course for PWDs, Tailoring andEmbroidery for female disabled.

I'd like to support these activities - it's a lot better than our usual support - you know SAS, remote drones and collateral damage.

I would like to request you if there is any funding possibility for funding the above mentioned activities or if you know some others funding organizations please let us know.

In other words mode of funding will be through western union to our financial department in the U.K. Get back to us if you are interested in helping those in need.

This is different from the usual 'send us money now' approach

Kind regards,

This is a very good signoff and once again different from the usual used on phish's

Bismillah Khan "Safi"
Chief Admin/finace officer DAO

So is this a real request or is it a phish set up to scam money?

I don't know but i might just email and if it isn't I might add some thoughts on how they could create a more effective email to source funding.

If they are real, and the organisation seems to be, then finding funding to help the many disabled in afghanistan is something i would support.

The scammers have made the water very murky with all their phishing. It is very hard to sort the true from the false. i hope this is true and i hope that any money they get is used to support the afghan people - they have suffered so much.

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