Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ngai Tahu Elections update

A couple of good threads talking about the same issue - Ngai Tahu Elections

This one has 10 comments and this one has 3 comments - what do you think? Do we need to check out our candidates or let the Papatipu Runaka sort it out. Have you voted for anyone? Are you going to vote for anyone? Are we just going through the motions - paying lip service to the notions of fairness and equality and an ability to have an influence over those that have been given the task of governing us and our assets?


Anonymous said...

Kia ora Marty

It seems that things are moving on the election front. Tahu Potiki as Chair of the Otakou Runanga managed to manipulate the process so team Tahu (including his own father-in-law could put him in as a Representative.

After reportedly receiving a pretty large salary as CEO, 2 payouts to leave and then taking up a contract with NTHC after he left he was soon starved of funds when Wally suddenly departed. Why does he want to go back now I wonder?

As CEO he could not achieve unity and cohesivness with his Chair or the Board and he was not mature enough to walk away then and, it seems, now. While I have faith that over time the iwi will weather such storms I think the time is right for us to look at whether we have all of the right protections in place "for us and our children after us"

Marty Mars said...

I wonder if tahu is the point of the spear.

"In like a needle out like a plough"

I suspect we will be into the hand to hand combat again soon. Fighting with the patu you cannot stand away - you must get in close and feel your opponents breath, and see their eyes and watch their sweat. When you are close you can strike to win but in the moment of strikeing you leave yourself vunerable. At the moment of greatest triumph is also the moment of greatest danger.

mana has sorted this out in the past and it will do so again.