Tuesday, October 20, 2009

black drain - why don't you drink a glass Environment Bay of Plenty


Sadly this affliction is rampant - especially when the environment is concerned.

"Environment Bay of Plenty has given permission for the Tasman Pulp and Paper Mill in Kawerau to continue discharging effluent into the river, as well as gas and dust emissions, for another 25 years."

Does the mill pollute the river?

"The commissioners acknowledged the degradation of the river as a result of the discharges"

What do local tangata whenua say?

"Tipene Marr, leader of eastern Bay of Plenty iwi Ngati Rangitihi, had argued for a 10-year consent and a genuine commitment by the companies to reduce damage to the river.

Mr Marr said he was saddened that he would not see the Tarawera River run clean again in his lifetime.

"They are now allowing them to pollute the river for 90 years.

"We can't use the river, we can't swim in it, it's no good to us anymore."

So why have Environment Bay of Plenty dropped the ball on this 'Black Drain'?

"The hearings commissioners said the permit renewal was granted under exceptional circumstances, and because there was no scientific evidence of poisoning of aquatic life.

The commissioners acknowledged the degradation of the river as a result of the discharges, but said this was outweighed by the social and economic benefits the mill provided in the forestry industry."

You reckon? Try taking the social aspect out because you don't really care about that and what you have left is economic benefits. To who? The people of the land? I don't think so - why not try the mill owners and shareholders and how many of them live in kawerau? bugger all. You have sold out this river and our people for NOTHING. Spineless and useless you have left nothing for your grandchildren and your names will be mocked, if anyone can be bothered to remember them.

Might be good to drop a nice glass or two of this lovely water for Environment Bay of Plenty to have a sip - bottoms up.

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