Friday, July 24, 2009

"Sorry we don't hire blacks, no offence meant."

Julia Eru Photo: BEN WATSON

Sad to see this sort of racism happening.

"A young student’s search for a job ended with a blunt email: "Sorry we don’t hire blacks, no offence meant".

The racist reply stunned Albany student Julia Eru, 20, who says words can’t explain how horrible the email was.

"It’s so offensive in so many ways," she says.

"I thought that kind of stuff was in the past. The person needs to know it’s not right.""

So did we Julia, so did we. But unfortunately there are still many people who don't realise how lucky they are to be here, under the protection and mana of maori.

"She sent a second email using her sister’s English name and the response was entirely different: "Hi honey, positions are now closed. Lots of love Andria.""

So what has been the response?

She says she got a further racist response when she replied to her original email in her own name, seeking someone to complain to.

Ms Eru says she is still waiting for a reply to her complaint to the Gumtree website that ran the job ad, which remained online until it was taken down after the North Shore Times contacted them.

The North Shore Times received a strange series of responses to questions put to the emailer.

One email said a junior receptionist had acted inappropriately and had been fired. "All apologies to those concerned and God Bless."

But another email read: "In the mean time kindly f*** off. Cheers Li Wu. The computer hacker."

One email referred the North Shore Times to a website for Penrose-based importer and wholesaler Jin Bill International Ltd but the Companies Office website lists the company as having been struck off. It was registered until June 23 this year.

Despite that a company director’s name, Fanmao Zeng, appears on emails sent to the North Shore Times from the bright startltd2002 address.

The company did not respond to phone messages and there is no listing for the director.

When the paper visited the Penrose address we were told the company hadn’t been operating for at least a year."

Sounds like the whole company is some scam anyway, doesn't it?

Julia, kia kaha - don't worry about the racists they are on their way out.


Anonymous said...

I own a company and have Muslims, East Indians and black employees. However, weeding out the good ones from the not-so-good ones is hard work, and the majority are rejected through the selection process. No offence, but if they smell, have thick accents that are hard to understand, can barely speak English or are incredibly incompetent (usually blacks), then I avoid hiring them based entirely on past experience as an employee and an employer.

This is not about mere "racism" but about hiring the best people I can find regardless of race. Unfortunately, most black candidates just don't have what it takes to work for us.

Marty Mars said...

your attitude is part of the problem anon - discrimination is based upon our constructed beliefs and it is silly to believe they are real or true. You buy into them for your reasons but they are what they are.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck have I just read? We live in this sort of society where bullshit justification like this still exists? I can't believe it!!! And still, I can... because this ugliness manifests itself dangerously subtly and horribly "in your face" boldly!!! I work with a seemly stand up older man - early fifties. Apparently he is a role model in my company. Good Christian man who preaches the good news...but he villifies and sterotypes all muslims...he can't tell the ethnic difference between brown people...he disregards and dismisses cultural importance and language. This is apparently a stand up, important person who quite frankly needs a literal slap in the face and boot in his arse.

Anonymous, you're a dickhead.

Marty Mars said...

Good comment anon2