Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Heroes of Ngai Tahu - the KMK team!

Kotahi Mano Kaika have just upgraded their website. What do KMK do?

"This site is designed to support families who want to start using te reo Māori more often in their daily lives. It's about more homes speaking te reo Māori to ensure the survival of the language into the future."

Ngai Tahu have created a sense of urgency around revitalisation of our dialect. It is probably fair to call it 'survival' rather than 'revitalisation' because the number of fluent or intergenterational speakers, whilst growing, is still well below where it should be.

It is difficult to imagine a group who deserve the title, 'Ngai Tahu heroes' more than the dedicated team working on this kaupapa. Please keep going.

This website is so useful, filled with tips, waiata, links and MP3's. I am confident we are going to get there.

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