Wednesday, July 22, 2009

flu getting fended off

Got the flu at the moment - arrrgggggg - so have had a little bit less energy - but that has been good, you know natural cycles and such like. My son has also had the spew and poo going and it's amazing how much fear can build up. Even if you're like me, and you don't believe the hype about swineflu, the fear still creeps in and so, when your 20 month old son is spewing it's a worry. Don't worry, he is fine. But it made me think about how devastating it must have been for our people in the old days when disease first began to cut people down, lots and lots of people. What a terrifying time it must have been. It ripped communities apart and created consequences that we are still dealing with now.

Lots of things have caught my eye, Sophies amazing family, labour MP's moaning about the maori flag, meridian perhaps up for sale, eclipses, jovian atmospheric holes and the the latest Te Karaka magazine. Stay tuned.

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