Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nice protection of endangered skinks

The critically endangered grand skink (Oligosoma grande) Landcare Research

Nice. Good story about saving endangered skinks. (not the pictured one above)

"A community conservation project in Central Otago aims to reintroduce critically endangered lizards.

The Central Otago Ecological Trust pilot project, supported by the Conservation Department and Landcare Research, plan to release 12 Otago skinks into a protective enclosure at the Aldinga Conservation Area near Alexandra."

"Trust chairman Grant Norbury said, "There has been a lot of depletion of lizards in Central Otago because the land has changed dramatically with farming, viticulture and pastoral use."
The lizard population in the area had also been heavily predated because of introduced pests such as cats, he said.

Work was continuing near Conroy's dam to recover vegetation in a 14ha area surrounding the enclosure.

If the pilot were successful the trust wanted to expand it and introduce wild skink and other species, including the Duvaucel's gecko and tuatara, he said."

A good example of people working together to conserve the environment and ecosystems. Thanks.

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