Wednesday, July 1, 2009

carters foot in the mouth

Aorere River

In today's world many things are topsy turvey. Organic food is twice as expensive as non-organic when it should be half as expensive. Parents need two jobs to pay the mortgage thus leaving their children to be raised by childcare centres when it should be that parents can provide the necessities and be able to spend quality time with their children. And now this:

"No farmer has the right to pollute but nor should environmental issues override the economic imperatives, Agriculture Minister David Carter said today." my emphasis

There won't be any economic imperatives if the environment is destroyed carter. How could there be?

"Carter said what the country needed to do was increase efficiency and that would have environmental impact, but he believed these effects can be mitigated or overcome through management or science."

They haven't so far so why believe that they will into the future. Wishful thinking that is very weak.

"Carter pointed to the fact that New Zealand farmers had world-class experience with farming, had free, efficient markets, and had a "huge advantage with water".

"New Zealand is blessed with an abundance of clean rainwater, but it doesn't always end up when and where we need it," Carter said."

Don't worry carter all the waterways and rivers haven't had all of their water taken away yet.

The blessings of this country are eaten away by the greedy ones. But it doesn't have to be that way. Look
here for a success story about dairy farmers and water. That's the way it should be done not the way advocated by carter.

Looking after the environment is the only sane option - all economic benefits will flow from that.

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Anonymous said...

Scary. The rivers will get worse. They could be partially revived through regulation science and good old fashioned guts! On-site effluent treatment and moratorium on new dairy farms in most catchments would help but National aren't gonna go there - Labour certainly avoided it.