Thursday, July 23, 2009

Good intellectual seminar series for Uni's

Good news about these seminars. The first one was yesterday but there are some other good ones coming up.

"A seminar on reclaiming usage of Mäori place names such as Te Waipounamu for the South Island, and spelling Whanganui with an 'h' will be broadcast live to all New Zealand universities this afternoon. (Yesterday... sorry)

Speaker Sir Tipene O’Regan is at the centre of the debate considering official alternative Mäori place names as a member of the New Zealand Geographic Board, and board member of the Manu Ao inter-university academy to support Mäori academic and professional leadership. He will present the seminar between 12.30pm and 1.30pm from Canterbury University as part of the academy’s weekly interactive seminars that begin today."

"Moana Jackson will present the seminar on July 29 talking on the next steps for the foreshore and seabed issue, former Children’s Commissioner Dr Cindy Kiro presents the seminar on August 5, followed by Dr Rangi Mataamua on the subject of Mäori astronomy on August 12, then John Tamihere on the topic of Mäori representation on the proposed Auckland super city on August 19"

"Dr Katene says the seminars will be of interest to Mäori university staff, students, practitioners and professionals.

“The academy was established in response to the need for a well-qualified Mäori academic and professional workforce of high calibre Mäori leaders," he says. "The project has three main aims – advancing Mäori scholarship excellence, strengthening links between Mäori professionals and Mäori academics and accelerating Mäori leadership. These aims will be met through a series of academy-sponsored activities that also include lectures, leaders’ groups, forums and symposia."

Don't forget the little people, those who aren't at Uni. We want to hear the analysis too. And we can understand in the rarified air up there. After all, if you have old 'frontbum, cat dumper' Tamihere talking, then the intellectual debate will be accessable.

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