Friday, July 17, 2009

Two good blogs worth checking out

The blogosphere is a great way to learn.

Two blogs that i would like to mention are: and

Both of these blogs are worth checking out. It is just so great to see quality sites that put up interesting posts on wide ranging subjects. Especially subjects as satisfying as art and lifestyle.

Visit these blogs and add your comments, i am sure both Feddabonn and Adrienne will make you welcome.


Adrienne Rewi said...

Thanks for your comments and recommendation Marty. I really like your blog too - so much good stuff to read, so little time! One day I will retire and just read blogs. And thanks for comment about my photos - I sometimes rant a little and need bringing 'back down to earth.' :-)

feddabonn said...

thanks for the recommendation marty. really nice to have one of my favourite blogs say nice things about mine!