Tuesday, July 14, 2009

slip by bennett?

I noticed Paula Bennett on the radio saying that she was surprised by the increase in unemployed here. Offically there are 1200 or so going onto the unemployment benefit every week. But Paula let sip that that is the NET figure. Actually about 2500 people are being made unemployed every week and some jobs are being created thus leaving us with the net figure. But my question is:

How many of those jobs are real, full time jobs and how many are part-time, temporary jobs?

Plus there is no logical reason for the Minister to be surprised unless she wasn't aware of the Economic tsunami and its ramifications, or the figures she is looking at are different to the ones being published.

IMO when the real figures come out - not just bennett will be shocked.

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Country Lane said...

I think Paula is shocked because she simply isn't keeping up.