Thursday, July 16, 2009

Will iwi support grey power nelson?

Nelson Grey power leading the way against rip offs by big electricity companies.

"Nelson Greypower has begun a campaign to get $4 billion overcharged in electricity repaid to New Zealanders.

The 12,000-member organisation is the largest Greypower association in the country, and its president Gordon Currie is calling on all welfare and service groups and other national organisations to bombard Energy Minister Gerry Brownlee with letters demanding compensation.

The Commerce Commission revealed in May that Meridian, Genesis, Contact and Mighty River Power overcharged New Zealanders by $4.3b between 2001 and 2007.

Mr Brownlee has commissioned an electricity industry review.

Mr Currie's message was not to pussyfoot around with the $4b. He said consumers had been ripped off. "It belongs to us so 'Give it back'," he said today.

Mr Currie said the $4b amounted to $1000 for every New Zealander."

Good on you Grey Power Nelson - I support this move. meridian aren't the good guys, they have ripped us all off. And who are the ones that suffer most?

I hope some iwi organisations add their weight to this call. If they do it will create lots of good feelings and goodwill between grey power and maori - and that will be a really good thing.

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