Tuesday, July 28, 2009

BB - good Ngai Tahu posts on fishers and fish

Two good Ngai Tahu posts over at Roarprawn.

Sanford Sealord stuff. I agree with Busted Blonde here - this is very shortsighted.

And the second post talks about hectors dolphins and the fact that fishers have to have an observer with them, and if they don't, they face court action. I agree again with BB that the dolphins should be protected along with everthing else. And i also agree that the protection agencies must work with the fishers to protect this species. Work with them.

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Anonymous said...

Why did Sealords(partly owned by iwi) not offer the mussels to TOQM? Did TOQM know about the sale? If not why not. This is scandalous and needs a lot more publicity than its so far got