Thursday, July 9, 2009

Doctors - designed to stifle screams

What a joke. Handshakes instead of hongi.

"The Ohakea Air Force Maori culture group provided the ceremonial challenge at Government House Vogel in Lower Hutt yesterday when ambassadors from Turkey, Brazil, Cambodia and Romania presented their credentials to Governor-General Sir Anand Satyanand.

Under normal circumstances, ambassadors Mehmet Taser from Turkey, Renate Stille from Brazil, Chum Sounry from Cambodia and Mihai Stuparu from Romania would have rubbed noses in a hongi greeting with Maori cultural group members."

I find that deeply offensive.

"Draft guidelines suggested sick people in particular should not hongi, kiss or shake hands while on a marae or taking part in Maori ceremonies."

I'll get myself worked up if I continue on this subject so i have a question:

Why are health professionals-doctors always on the list to get tamiflu or get a seat in the bunker when times get difficult?

Why do we put doctors - who at best can fix the body (like a mechanic albeit more complicated) but really are just fluffing around, on an elevated platform. Why?

Are doctors given respect because they actually just are part of the longevity industry, which at the extreme end is all about prolonging life, at all costs. And they wear a white coat - which implies that they know what they are talking about - just like in the toothpaste ads. Haven't doctors just said they give out placebos 33% of the time and now they want to be able to issue a medical certificates over the phone.

And i know doctors are busy at the moment with the swineflu pandemic - busy making money too. They are part of the problem not the solution.

Doctors do a good job generally - maybe they are like oxygen masks in planes - designed to stifle screams rather than deliver air.

Who would you like in the bunker with you?

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