Tuesday, July 7, 2009

maori party success again

Another big win for the maori party. It is fair and right that the Government is set to endorse a United Nations declaration on indigenous rights -- reversing the position of the former Labour government. About bloody time.

"New Zealand was among just four countries which last year voted against the non-binding declaration of the UN General Assembly that sets out the rights of the world's estimated 370 million indigenous people.

The non-binding General Assembly vote in September was 143 in favour, four against and 11 abstentions.

The other negative votes were cast by Australia, Canada and the United States. Australia has, since a change of government, this year decided to support it. "

Notice the four countries that have been colonised - no wonder they didn't want to endorse this declaration. It might mean that they would have to front up to their countries history around mistreatment and abuse of their indigenous populations.

Wow - the maori party need to consolidate now - it would be easy to get too worked up about the successes to date. Keep focused team and don't get your expectations too high because that just means the fall hurts more, and disappointments will come: the racists have just started and key is a populist.

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