Thursday, July 30, 2009

the right are wrong

What a day for the nats yesterday. We now know that they voted against the Marine Animals Protection Law Reform Protection Bill. As russel norman says, 111 hector dolphins left and the nats say they are adequately protected. The nats and act voted against Maryan Streets bill to ban the import of products made from slave labour. So tough luck slaves. And are voting against Rahui Katene’s bill for a Matariki Day holiday.

So, no saving the animals, no saving the people.

The right wing is here and they are just starting to get into their agenda. State assets - sold. Unemployed - Your own fault for being unproductive. Women - stop dressing up so much and inviting trouble. Gays - keep out the way of people so you don't get killed. maori - Stop moaning, you have maori language week - what's your problem. Older people - save more you lazy buggers - you are letting the side down, and so on.

Bully bennett refuses to say sorry and stop lying about the real reason she released the details of her opponents income. English continues to drop any middle road and is fully in 'welcome to our shore oh rich ones" mode - has that guy got any shame. Key is fluffing around trying to look like a leader while 150 jobs were lost yesterday. The maori party are not coming up with ideas to create jobs - here's one - how about using the weak idea of cycletracks and add maori to them.

So, now that the right wing agenda is out, should we worry? yep - maori often lose when the right wing get into it.

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