Wednesday, July 8, 2009

change to maori and get more employment for everyone

I cannot see any negatives to this idea of adopting maori names in Porirua. And the employment opportunities abound.

"Porirua City Council has moved to officially register its suburbs' names with the Geographic Board after it discovered just two of its 17 suburbs were officially recognised."

A council spokeswoman confirmed that it had received submissions asking for Maori names to be added to suburbs Whitby, Cannons Creek and Judgeford would be among those affected but would not provide details till the consultation period ended next month.

If adopted, it would mirror the recognition given to landmarks such as Aoraki/Mt Cook and Matiu/Somes Island.

The hill to the west of Porirua, Colonial Knob, could have its traditional name Rangituhi (sky glow) added if the submissions were approved by council.

Cannons Creek was named after William Cannon, who arrived in 1857. "

Colonial Knob - perhaps that should stay or be used somewhere else - it's such an evocative name.

Cannons Creek also has colonial connotations even thought named for William Cannon and not the weapon.

So the major problems would be - new signs (employment), new maps etc (employment), people get lost (guides - employment), considering the name change (NZGB - employment) bit of a trend here - i wonder how much employment we could generate by changing all of the names to maori?

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