Friday, July 17, 2009

Landfill leaches rubbish into the sea

Bent Jansen with leaching rubbish

I've discussed this before here.

Having the contents of a landfill leaching rubbish into the sea is unacceptable.

Come on Otago Regional Council - give the approval so this can be fixed - what are you waiting for - summer?

"The Waitaki District Council is still awaiting approval from the Otago Regional Council before it can fix the Hampden landfill, which is leaching rubbish into the sea.

Heavy seas have eroded about a 60m-long face on the beach between the Moeraki boulders and Hampden beach and the council applied to the regional council for resource consent to seal it.

But the Department of Conservation (Doc) was not happy with the method proposed, delaying work, while heavy seas continued the erosion."

Get around the table, get agreement and then fix the problem - what could be easier? :)

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