Thursday, July 16, 2009

Spammers use maori - they are low

Hasn't SPAM increased. Bloody hell - look at this one

"Hello marty mars

You received the following message from : emmanuelkona (



I take the liberty of writing you this very confidential mail. I implore you to give it your maximum attention as the contents are in absolute good faith.

For avoidance of doubts, my name is Barrister Kouevi Emmanuel Kona, I was personal attorney to late engineer Joseph Waikato Ngaha , nationality of your country who died in ghastly motor accident by running into a stationery Trailer without warning sign on December 26 , 2006.

After his death with members of his family,due process was followed to alert members of the public and any relation of his through Electronic Media Obituary Announcement both in the local television station here in Togo.

Right now his Bankers has written me requesting me to contact any of his relation for the purpose of transferring his estate in the sum of 10.2 million Us Dollars.Due to the pressure from the Bank I decided to present you as the next of kin to my said deceased client and to further ask your hand of co-operation under utmost confidentiality to claim the outstanding sum by presenting you as the Next of Kin of my late client.

Needless to reassure you that as a Lawyer and personal attorney to my late client, all the necessary information and documents that will sufficiently prove to the officials of the Bank that you are the next of Kin to the deceased shall be obtained legally from the probate section of the High Court.

I would therefore request you to give this letter serious thought and get back to me urgently at my private email

Emmanuel Kona"

A couple of really irritating aspects to this one.

It came to me via (I don't blame
They have worked out that maori are from here and are using fake maori names.

Whew - 10.2 Million US dollars - but I don't think i'll be responding to kona from Togo. I hope you don't either.


Anonymous said...

Aha i recieved this one through my email, hence me googling it and seeing what i would find. Thanks to you, i now am not going to recieve spam from him/them. i noticed that he cant spell and his grammar is off.

Reuben said...

I googled this as well....Scammers indeed. I did reply to the email advising the barrister that all details of the email had been sent to the police for investigation and that if i ever received another email from them i would inform the police in Togo....

solrac said...

yeah whanau i received the same emails im in the middle of corresspondence with emmanuel and his crew now ,i also noticed mis spelt kupu and ive also supplied details as if to be gullible to a scam?? what will i acheive fully well knowen its a scam and how far can it go and what can be the risk if knowing they aint getting a cent from me anyway, identity theft? tau iwi already done that so i guess im protected there, for all whanau interested ill yall posted