Tuesday, July 7, 2009

key - finger in the air, checking the wind.

Yes key it is about the mana but compensation is due too.

"Prime Minister John Key appears to be backing away from the prospect of a multimillion-dollar settlement with Maori over the foreshore and seabed."

The rednecks haven't even started yet and already john key is flapping in the wind. i am concerned about where he will flap to when the big racist guns start firing.

"Key said at his post-Cabinet news conference yesterday compensation was unlikely.

"There seems to be a strong consensus that compensation is not likely to be part of the process in settling the foreshore and seabed," he said."

Ummm which consensus was that again john? A bit rich considering the Govt haven't even come back with it's response yet. Maybe it's your populist radar starting to ping!

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