Friday, July 10, 2009

Good elm, people and Ngai Tahu story


A lovely story about a tree, three women, and Ngai Tahu working together.

"A tree with special significance to the community recently found a new home in Queenstown, to the delight of the three local women who planted it more than 20 years ago.

In 1987, Joan Cooke, Donalda Anderson and Francis Lewis appeared in newspapers with former Queenstown Lakes district councillor David Bradford, when they planted the elm tree at St Omer Park.

QLDC community services general manager Paul Wilson said it had become apparent the tree could not remain in St Omer Park, due to a Ngai Tahu development.

"Ngai Tahu kindly arranged for the careful removal and storage of the tree," he said.
Mr Wilson consulted the women over a new location.

"They made sure I kept on the case and I'm pleased to say we came up with a great alternative location," Mr Wilson said.

Last week, all three women were on hand with Queenstown Lakes Mayor Clive Geddes and mayoress Sally Geddes, for the replanting of the now mature elm on the Stanley St-Gorge Rd reserve."

Great to see all parties working together in harmony. Elms are beautiful trees, and it is enriching to have them here.

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