Friday, July 24, 2009

english looking after his foreign mates

Irishbill at the std asks the question, "What do the maori party think of this announcement."

"A slackening in foreign investment rules aimed at showing the world "New Zealand is open for business" will make it easier for overseas investors to buy assets such as Auckland Airport."

"Finance Minister Bill English yesterday said the Government was dropping criteria preventing the sale of "strategically important assets" into foreign hands as part of a raft of changes aimed at encouraging greater foreign investment."

I don't know what the maori party think but I do know what i think and that is, that this is a disgrace. This country is not yours to sell english. You want to finish off the job for your overseas masters/mates and ensure that all of our resources are owned by overseas interests - well you have a fight on your hand diptonboy, a big fight.

"The Government will introduce a new right to veto on the grounds of "national interest" - but Mr English expected it to be used so rarely that he could not think of a case which might require it to be invoked."

Heads up english national interest = maori interests

english says
"Let's get practical - we need the money because we need the jobs. Essentially our message is let's stop being defensive. Let's tell the world we are open for business, this is a great place to invest, not a place that says 'well you look different from us so we're going to make it as hard as possible'."

You are a failed leader and it is easy to see why you were dumped as leader of your party and replaced by key. We will lose jobs when we are owned by overseas people english - it's ABC's but you don't care about that - all you care about is your pension, and your overseas mates.

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