Monday, July 27, 2009

Stop blaming the dead victim - weatherston family

And if you want to know why weatherston can't accept responsibility for his heinous actions - here's why:

"Clayton Weatherston's parents say their son is an honest person and they believe his account of his relationship with Sophie Elliott.

"Clayton is an extremely honest and sensitive person. He tells the truth; we all tell the truth," his mother, Yuleen Weatherston, told the Otago Daily Times yesterday.

Many of the things they learned about their son during his murder trial in Christchurch made sense in hindsight, she said.

"We were very sad not knowing the psychological and physical abuse Clayton was suffering in his relationship with Sophie, and the effect that was having on him."

How can your son front up if you can't even accept the truth. There is supporting people you love and there is keeping your head in the sand and actually harming them more. STOP BLAMING THE DEAD VICTIM

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