Monday, September 21, 2009

option 5 - don't dam the clutha

Good to see some action down south around stopping the mataura-clutha river being dammed. I hope they are working with local tangata whenua on this one, we will need everyone together to ensure they take the fifth option:

"A group of Otago environmentalists have a suggestion for the power company considering four possible hydro-electric options for the Clutha River - a fifth option of walking away and doing nothing.

Otago Forest and Bird members and residents who say they would be directly affected by Contact Energy's options of dams at Tuapeka Mouth and/or Beaumont, visited a 6ha island on Saturday they assert is too precious to lose.

And they believe they are in a much better position to fight this time, compared with the battles of the 1980s and 1990s when locals feared Beaumont and Birch Island would disappear under water if a dam was built.

Environmentalists fought against losing Birch Island, claiming it was totally forested and rodent-free and also supported a rich assortment of insects.

The island was now officially a national area of interest and significance, it was known to contain a wealth of conservation values, clearly contained a unique ecosystem and locals were better informed and more prepared to challenge authorities this time.

Prof Mark said the group and others preparing to fight against the loss of the island were formally serving Contact Energy with notice there was another alternative.

"Instead of just having the four options for dams, we are saying there is an option five - no dams at all," he said. "

Daming this river is crazy. Let's support all efforts to protect the mataura.

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