Monday, September 14, 2009

laying a mauri stone sets the foundations correctly

Nice - a mauri stone buried with the foundations for a new youth justice residential facility near Rotorua.

"Parekaarangi Trust chair James Warbrick says the foundations for the 30-bed unit have been laid.

He says the ceremony, conducted by Tuhourangi Ngati Wahiao elders, shows respect for the land and the significance of its new purpose.

“We put a mauri to connect our spiritual world to our physical world and it’s part of what we do that evolves the mana of the place,” Mr Warbrick says.

The Parekaarangi Trust is keep to assist in vocational and rehabilitation programmes when the unit is completed in October next year."

Setting the foundations correctly is the right way to go. if the foundations are correct then the rest of the facility will have a much better chance of success and we need these types of facilities to work.

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