Monday, September 14, 2009

pioneer want 8000ha freehold after tenure review


Tenure review - a process where, through negotiation, a lessee can freehold land of productive value in return for surrendering land of conservation value, which is then managed by the Department of Conservation (Doc).

Conservation value - read high country and productive value - read low lying and ideal for dairy.

"The Otago Fish and Game Council believes significant conservation and recreation values are threatened by two Nevis Valley tenure reviews advertised at the weekend.

The proposals are for Ben Nevis and Craigroy high-country Crown leases held by power company Pioneer Generation.

They involve the Crown retaining just over 11,000ha of mostly high-altitude land, to be managed for conservation by Doc, and the transfer of about 8000ha of mostly valley floor to Pioneer Generation as freehold land. "

And what will pioneer do with it's freehold land on the flat?

"Pioneer Generation has plans for hydro development on the river but has not yet sought resource consents for such a venture."

Hmmmm I wonder when they are going to put those applications in... meantime we have until November 30 to make a submission on this.

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