Thursday, September 10, 2009

danger dr smith danger

Dr Smith - selfish and dangerous

The last line first...

"Dr Smith told MPs he "made no bones" about the fact that the law change shifted the balance from public participation towards reducing costs for developers."

Nice - Nick Smith has now become so similar to Dr Zachery Smith from 'lost in space' that he is interchangeable. And Dr Smith just about completely stuffed up the mission and killed everyone... hmmmm which Dr Smith was that again...

new rules for cutting and trimming trees.

new rules to help developers

new rules to reduce public participation

new rules passed under urgency mean that councils will have 3 weeks to determine what they mean when they state 'trim'. Pardon?

"North Shore City environmental policy and planning manager Phill Reid said his council was also waiting to see whether Parliament would clarify what counted as "trimming".

"Trimming" that resulted in the death of the tree should be considered felling, he said."

Fair enough in this world of doublespeak. When you trim a tree and it dies - it is not trimming it, it is killing or felling it.

What a sad state of affairs we have got to.

"The Resource Management Act (Simplifying and Streamlining) Bill allows landowners to cut down any tree that is not in a reserve or listed in a district plan."

Councils have to complete their lists of protected trees before rules against felling are scrapped in January 2012.

Can you really see this area being a high priority for these councils... not likely.

So dr smith i am happy to be the robot shouting


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