Friday, September 18, 2009

Whanganui - no compromise to mycull loors


There is some talk around that there should be a compromise with correcting the spelling of Whanganui. I am opposed to any compromise.

"The road to changing Wanganui's name has been a long one, but gained fresh impetus in February when Te Runanga o Tupoho submitted a proposal to the Geographic Board.

The iwi said Whanganui meant great harbour or expanse of water and, without the "h", was meaningless. Whanganui was named by their ancestor, Hau, of the Aotea waka, more than 600 years ago.

The iwi's request followed the board's decision to change the spelling to Whanganui River in 1991. The district health board also adopted the "h". "It does not make sense to correct the spelling of the river and to leave the name of the city spelt incorrectly," the iwi said."

It is pretty straight forward really.

This stuff from mycull loors, "Wanganui was not a Maori word, but one with a culture, heritage and mana all of its own" is just so pathetic.

If we compromise here, hell, next, we will have a double name for Aoraki.

You cannot give these racists an inch. They must be opposed at every turn. If they had/have their way there would/will be no maori.

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