Friday, September 18, 2009

minisnap with charango

Minisnap are a band I enjoy. I grew up in Dunedin with the flying nun stable of musicians. Anyway i won't do a list of all my favorites, far too long, but i love The Clean and The Bats. Minisnap are made up of the members of the Bats without Bob Scott - but check out the charango player on this clip - that's Andy, Bob's brother and a wicked musician. Still waiting on the charango solo clip mate.

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Anonymous said...

Still working on it! Should be a masterpiece given the time its taken - lol.
If I'd been onto it earlier and got it released I could have joined APRA and gone to the Silver Scrolls (for free) the other night. A good night apparently with Richard Nunns and Hirini Melbourne inducted into the Hall of Fame