Tuesday, September 1, 2009

great analysis by browning on brownlee

fantastic post on 'mining the crown jewels' by Claire Browning at Pundit.

as she concludes,

"The World Bank report makes clear what we all already ought to know: our brand, and the nature of our wealth, are a world apart from our neighbour’s. We can do better than trundling around after elder sibling Kevin Rudd like a hero-worshipping toddler with a blanket. In the inimitable words of Mr Groser: “I’m sorry, but we need to grow up”."

well worth a read

hat tip - Kiwipolitico


james said...

A video advertising the new zealand 10-20% pure brand which I thought you might be interested in putting on your blog


Marty Mars said...

Kia ora james

Thanks for the link - nice start to spring being able to post that video. kia kaha