Thursday, September 3, 2009

water tiger

water tiger

One reason i started this blog was to provide positive news about Ngai Tahu and all of the wonderful things iwi members are doing to revitalise themselves, their whanau and our country.
And I am a greenie. i believe in protection, in kaitiakitanga, in supporting our ecosystems. I am against cutting down trees, mining National Parks, more dairy farms everywhere, pollution, taking more water from our rivers and the unholy pusuit of money and personal gain above all else.
Am i unusual?
Not sure, but i did make the blog mars2earth because I realised that many people would think that I am from a different planet.

I can't compromise on my ideals or what I believe in and i won't.

So i am rejigging my approach just slightly. I am not interested in seeing my kaiwhakahaere or my iwi being pushed into the front pages for all of the wrong reasons.
It may appear that i am a mild mannered, vegetarian wuss - but I'm not really - you see i'm a water tiger.

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Santosh Saha said...

Really Appreciating attitude. Keep it up!