Monday, September 28, 2009

eight hundred thousand dollars or so a month income - good for 1

I've posted about this back in April.

"Sir Ralph, former CEO of both ASB and Air New Zealand, saw his overall cash, shares and bonus package jump by A$2 million for the year to June to A$8.66 million (NZ$10.45 million)."
But back then the anticipated income was 6 or so million. Now that it is actually 10 million - how do the figures stack up.

Just to reiterate from the previous post.

"And to be honest, $320,000 is a pretty good income. That is $27,000 a month, $877 a day.
A person on $30,000 lives on $2,500 a month or $82 a day. Minus tax for all of these of course.

6 million = $500,000 a month, that's $16,438.36 a day!"

10.45 million = $870,000 a month, that's $28,630 a day - using 365 days a year where the truth is probably closer to 300 or $35,000 a day. Obviously tax etc but the lie of the land is plain.

And just to confirm - i don't care what people earn really. This initial post was because ralph was 'sharing the pain' by taking a 10% pay cut - just like the workers! Spin on top of spin. So yes please feel the pain ralph but don't be sanctimonious about it after all you get over eight hundred thousand dollars a month.

It's not envy it is about fairness.

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