Wednesday, September 2, 2009

when water is not water

Ahhhh the absurdities of life where things are the opposite of the way they should be. You know - organic veges should be half the price of non-organic rather than twice the price. Computers were going to give us more free time not force us to work weekends and water should be water not some bogus 'helping you bridge the hunger gap' rubbish.

"Kristy Oxenham says her year-old daughter Ruby, who is allergic to dairy products, spent four hours in hospital after drinking about 5ml of the bottled water and going into anaphylactic shock.

Dairy giant Fonterra, which produces the product, meets labelling requirements by listing milk protein on the ingredients panel."

Whole is a water-based drink with added milk protein and fibre, which Fonterra says can "bridge the hunger gap" between meals.

Fonterra marketing and innovation manager Brett Charlton says the company is aware of three cases where people have had an allergic reaction to Whole.

He says after consulting Allergy New Zealand, it has designed new labels stating that Whole contains milk protein and fibre, which will hit the shelves this month.

Several factors, including the long shelf life of Whole, have meant another print run of its labels hasn’t been necessary since its launch in March, he says.

Ummm what else is in it to give it it's long shelf life...

Bottled water is worthwhile where water quality is bad (dealing with the poor water is the issue though) but in this country? I don't think so...

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