Friday, September 11, 2009

22,530 more cows, in cubicles, by Omarama - what a sick joke

Read and be very scared.

"Dairying in the upper Waitaki basin is set for a massive boost, with the possibility of 22,530 more cows on up to 19 dairy farms between Lake Ohau and Omarama.

Six consent applications have been filed with Environment Canterbury (ECan) for dairy effluent discharges, including two for big developments each with 7000 cows.

Three of the applications are for 16 stand-alone dairy farms with a total of 17,850 cows."

Our monoculture and greed around dairy is so crazy. More dairy cows = more pollution. A dairy cow poos out the equivilant of the waste of 16 humans. 16 X 22,530 = the equivilant of 360,480 people.

the same as 360,480 more people pooing into our river

Where is the waste going to go? Into our rivers that's where. The farmers don't care - they just want their money. the electricity companies or irrigators don't care - they just want their money. Who Cares?

"Five Rivers Ltd on Ohau Downs Station is seeking consent for seven stand-alone dairy farms, with a total of 7000 cows, with the animals housed in cubicle stables between March and October and for 50% of the time from November to February.

Southdown Holdings plans six separate stand-alone dairy farms, with a total of 7000 cows on the 2135ha Glen Eyries Downs, in Quailburn Rd, Omarama.

The animals would also be housed in cubicles.

Williamson Holdings plans three stand-alone dairy farms, totalling 3850 cows on 1300ha south of Omarama, next to State Highway 8 and near Broken Hill Rd.

It also plans cubicles for cows."

Housed in cubicles - FFS is this really where this country is at? really?

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