Tuesday, September 22, 2009

new record for prisoner numbers - what a shocker

It's a record Jim, but not as we know it and certainly not how we want it.

"Corrections Minister Judith Collins says she released information showing the number of prisoners in New Zealand was at the highest level ever because the public had a right to know.

Ms Collins announced there were 8509 people in prisons or police stations nationwide yesterday - 16 higher than the previous peak of 8493 prisoners on September 7."

The high number underlined the "urgent need" for more beds in the form of container cell blocks and double bunking, she said. "

So we have high numbers being put in jails. There aren't enough beds, so double bunking and container cells to the rescue.

What a shocker that we have come to this. And a high percentage of maori are in there - banged up!

There must be another way.

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